Greenfield Mgmt & Tax Services is interested in providing the right solution for your business.

Increase Profitability

We help you understand and trust your financial information better more so that you can make better decisions. We help you identify key problem areas to help profitability.


We help protect your company from embezzlement by review bank statements and verifying information your staff provides.

Increase Efficiencies

We help review your policies and procedures to help streamline information.


We help people communicate to achieve a common goal.

Prevent Fraud & Embezzlement
  • A Contract Controller will provide a checks and balance to an administrative assistant or bookkeeper. The same person that makes the deposits and records the customer payments should not be the same person to reconcile the bank accounts. In addition, the person processing vendor invoices and checks should not reconcile the bank accounts.

More Timely Financial Information

Saves Money

  • Get more experience for the dollar
  • Limited hours
  • No payroll taxes
  • Don't pay employee benefits

Who are we looking for?

Startup Businesses


Small Businesses
(up to 5 administrative employees)

  • Need help determining proper organization and tax structure
  • May need help quarterly for payroll taxes
  • Need help annually for year end financials and taxes
  • Need help with Business Plan or Financial Projections
  • Need help annually for year end financials and taxes
  • Need a consultant to bounce ideas off of
  • Need help with review and analysis
  • Need outside bank reconciliations
  • Need accounting support
  • Need help with quarterly payroll taxes
  • Need help with departmental accounting